nathan rao, the host of teatime chinese podcast is recording the best chinese podcast for intermediate learners

你好,我是茶歇中文的主持人Nathan。我来自上海,现在在法国的一所大学学习。我会说普通话,上海话,云南话,英语,法语,日语,一点俄语和广东话。我做过两年的线上中文老师。我有孔子学院的 “国际汉语教师证书”。





希望茶歇中文能祝你一臂之力,帮助你的中文 “更上一层楼”。

About Nathan

Hi! This is Nathan, the host of TeaTime Chinese podcast. I come from Shanghai. Now I am studying in a university in France. I speak Mandarin Chinese, Shanghainese, Sichuanese, English, French, Japanese, and bits of Russian and Cantonese. I was a online Chinese teacher for 2 years. I am a professional teacher certified by "Confucius Institute".

In the journey of my personal language learning, several podcasts helped me a great deal. They allowed me to learn a language wherever I go.

In 2020, when the covid pandemic broke out and classes shifted online, I started TeaTime in my spare time. I advocate the "Comprehensible Input" method, and utilise it in my podcast writing. Instead of using English, I prefer using Chinese to explain Chinese.

Our team members reside in France, China and Japan. We work hard to bring you learning materials of high quality. We genuinely hope that TeaTime Chinese will give you a hand in your learning journey.