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Welcome to TeaTime Chinese. Our goal is to make the Chinese language comprehensible for everyone.


TeaTime Chinese podcast is a popular Mandarin language podcast designed specifically for intermediate-level learners. It uses the "Comprehensible Input" method and covers a wide range of topics, including Chinese culture, society, and language learning tips. Whether you are learning Chinese just for fun, planning to travel in China, or preparing for HSK exams, TeaTime Chinese podcast is a fantastic resource.
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At first I didn’t care for this type of podcast due to the nonstandard pronunciation. But the more I listened and read Nathan’s podcasts the more I realized just how much effort he puts into ensuring that the listener can follow along.
Easy listening
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This is a wonderful podcast for intermediate Chinese learners. It is clearly the result of a lot of time and care. The subjects are interesting and varied, ranging from contemporary events to history / culture to simplified versions of Chinese texts (which I particularly enjoy).
Superb podcast. 很优秀!
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So thankful to have finally found a Mandarin language podcast at the level I need. Everything out there is too simple or too difficult. TeaTime Chinese is perfect. Nathan speaking speed is spot on for intermediate learners and his topics are interesting.
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